ListenWhy !

Balanced Innovation?

We are a small company (established in 1999) providing services within innovation and conceptual product development, based on our design engineering background

In close collaboration with various industrial partners, we identify, develop, test and implement innovative new products, technologies and service solutions, with the aim of creating substantial and sustainable value for the customers

We search for innovative solutions by balancing:

  • Business considerations
  • Communication considerations
  • Technology considerations (Product and Manufacturing)

...And thereby seek to create the perfect match between: “Strategy, Story & System

Further Information

Jaegervang 35
DK-3460 Birkeroed

…or contact Mr. Finn Fabricius at
Tel. +45 55 81 03 65


  • Danfoss A/S
  • Deltatron OY
  • FOSS Analytical A/S
  • Haldor Topsoe A/S
  • Lattec I/S
  • Nokia Mobile Phones
  • Novo Nordisk A/S
  • SAV Valve Modules Ltd.
  • Wesco Lufttechnik + Metallbau AG

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ListenWhy Engineering CVR-nr. 2637 8044

Jaegervang 35, DK-3460 Birkeroed, Denmark
Tel. +45 55 81 03 65